CH3 Catalytic Heater

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Cold weather bouldering essential. Foldable legs makes it easy to put anywhere.
Martin flameless portable camping propane gas catalytic heater with foldable legs.
  • FLAMELESS: The MARTIN Catalytic Heater provides comfortable and FLAMELESS warmth so you can stay cozy in the cold while maintaining efficiency in your home. Foldable Legs makes it easy for you to use this portable heater anywhere
  • ADVANCED CATALYTIC TECHNOLOGY: The catalytic technology used in this heating tool is the most efficient in the industrial heating market, and the versatility and reliability of the MARTIN have made it the heater of choice for many
  • 7 HOURS ON 1 LB PROPANE CYLINDER: Delivers up provides 3000 BTU and this safe portable heater can work up to 7 hours with the help of a single lb propane cylinder.
  • EFFICIENT: Catalytic heating is 99.98% efficient (flame type heaters waste up to 45% of all heat produced), resulting in a more efficient and low-cost heat
  • SAFE HEATING TOOL: Also, because it uses safe, clean and efficient propane, this propane heater is highly recommended for families with kids who love to camp often. A catalytic heater which is silent, very safe, and provides great cozy heat without any more battery drain!