Campus Crimps

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New for your training! This is the start of a new series of crimps that will allow you to add variety to your workouts. With a 15-degree angle and their larger size, the Campus Crimps are suitable for climbers of all levels.

They will allow to increase the duration of your dead hangs, enabling you to train in strength, endurance or power endurance.

Because they are easy to install, you can easily customize your training section.

Vary the angles of your crimps, and the distance between the Campus Crimps to train the various grips and typical climbing body positions such as lock-offs, gastons, compression strength, and more!

18 and 24mm comes in pair.

18-24mm Set is sold in pack of 4 : 18mm x 2 crimps + 24mm x 2 crimps.



Length: 5'' Height: 2,5'' 

Depth: 18mm and 24mm