Holy Ten Sleep: Electric Koolaide 3-D Acid Test

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About the book

This is the follow up to Lies and Propaganda from Ten Sleep Canyon.  Same author, same area but with added routes, not to mention this baby is 3D.  

It’s revered as the world’s first 3-D climbing guidebook.  Complete with leather bible cover, 3-D content, 3-D glasses that stash in a pocket in the back of the book, and Aaron Huey’s signature irreverent style.


    • Leather Bible Cover with GOLD Embossing
    • 3D Glasses with stow away stash pocket
    • Radical 3D content
    • New areas on the shady side of the canyon
    • Satin Ribbon Bookmark
    • Rounded Corners
    • Burly Sewn Lay-Flat Binding
    • New LSD ratings
    • Papal Grades
    • Madness
    • History
    • Tripping Balls craziest book you have ever seen
    • Has won the Grand Jury Prize for the " Best/Most Confusing Religious Handbook in 2015 " (but not really).