Marcelo Assis Anaerobic

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Farmer: Marcelo Assis Nogueira

Farm: Ohlos D'agua

Origin: Campos Altos, Brazil

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Altitude: 1206m

Process: Natural

Varietal: Arara

Notes: apple schnapps, anise, guava, star fruit, flowers from mom


Competition coffee from Marcelo! AGAIN!!! This cups is just WOW! Funk, fruit, & flowers in this sweet, round, juicy, delicate offering that surely won’t last. Those that can open their 3rd eye, it’s gonna be a trip. @≥@

This marks the 5th year we buy the most exceptional coffee offered by Marcelo. Marcelo & Flavio's commitment to quality & excellence is why, for years to come, we will be working with them & Bioma/Aequitas, on these farms. Not only this but Karolina, an agronomist that has added INCREDIBLE value to their venture.

About the Farm

Bioma Café’s story begins back in 2001 when Marcelo Nogueira Assis and Flavio Marcio Silva met each other and committed their life purposes in farming. Both, Marcelo and Flavio, were born in families that carry the agriculture DNA. Flavio who has vast experience in managing the family businesses met Marcelo who was a recent graduate in the technical school of agriculture and cattle and was eager to explore the farming universe. As a result, they formed a partnership based on love for agriculture, respect, and reciprocity.

Coffee is a passion for most people that live in Cerrado, in the state of Minas Gerais and it wasn't different for the young entrepreneurs who were born and raised among coffee plantations. In 2010, an opportunity arose and they constituted the first farm, focused on specialty coffee production in Campos Altos region, Minas Gerais. They carefully evaluated each piece of land that would receive the coffee crops, after all the purpose was of producing extraordinary coffees. After a long period looking for the perfect terroir, the farm location was selected, a place that produces the most incredible coffees in the high plateaus of Cerrado Mineiro. The Cerrado is one of the richest biomes in the world in terms of biodiversity, and Bioma Café emerged with the purpose of producing specialty coffees maintaining the balance between agriculture and the Cerrado biome.