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MICRO TRAXION is a compact and lightweight progress-capture pulley (85 g) designed for crevasse rescue, hauling, and self-rescue, and for use as an emergency ascender. The cam can be locked in the open position so the device can be used as a simple pulley. Sealed ball bearings provide excellent efficiency (91 %).
  • Versatile:
    - Designed for crevasse rescue, hauling, self-rescue, and for use as an emergency ascender
    - May be used as a simple pulley by locking the cam in the raised position
  • Very light and compact:
    - Only 85 g
    - Hole allows a Sm’D carabiner to be connected to the pulley with a cord, making the device loss-proof
  • High efficiency:
    - Sealed ball bearings provide excellent efficiency (91 %)
    - Works even on frozen or muddy ropes
    - For use on 8 to 11 mm diameter ropes
    - Rope installation diagrams engraved inside the pulley
  • Weight: 85 g
  • Certification(s): CE EN 567, UIAA
  • Min. rope diameter: 8 mm
  • Max. rope diameter: 11 mm
  • Sheave type: sealed ball bearings
  • Sheave diameter: 27 mm
  • Working load: 2 x 2.5 = 5 kN
  • Breaking strength: 2 x 7,5 = 15 kN
  • Working load as progress capture pulley: 2.5 kN
  • Breaking strength as progress capture pulley: 4 kN
  • Efficiency: 91 %
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