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Sukha Massage

Hi5 Cooper Vibration Massage Device


The Sukha Mini Cooper massage gun is used in percussion therapy or percussive massage which consists of stimulating target areas of the body by releasing strong, rapid, short duration pulses deep into the tissues to relieve pain or discomfort, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, release muscle and fascia restrictions and increase range of motion. Its high quality 8.5KGF large torque motor delivers smooth alternating vibrations and steady pulses that pressure deep into the soft tissue to release muscles, eliminate accumulated lactic acid for faster recovery and relieve fatigue. It comes with 4 easy interchangeable heads allowing you to target different parts of the body and adjust the level of percussion. Made of quality aluminum alloy, this handheld device has a unique ergonomic and compact design and is light weight for easy portability.   

4 interchangeable massage heads 

- U- Shape: For deep percussion of targeted muscles, soft tissue and trigger points. Ideal for paraspinal muscles and Achilles tendon
- Bullet: For deep percussion of targeted muscles, soft tissue and trigger points
- Round: For softer percussion, full body and large muscular groups
- Flat: For softer percussion, full body and large muscular groups 


3 Levels of vibration 

- Level 1: 1800rpm for fascia release
- Level 2: 2600rpm for muscle relaxation
- Level 3: 3200rpm for lactic acid dissolution  



- Quiet, beautifully designed and powerful
- 6mm stroke reaches deep fascia
- One button to adjust 3 levels of vibration intensity
- 4 interchangeable massage heads
- Quality alloy aluminum material, lightweight and portable
- Powerful stroke - delivers 8.5KGF torsion for continuous and strong vibration
- Convenient USB-C port is compatible with power bank, adapter, and laptop charging
- 5C rate built-in 2000mAh chargeable lithium battery with a large capacity
- Low battery indicator light
- 3hr recharge time when battery is fully depleted
- Run time 2 –3hr/8hr (stand by)



- Scarring and thickened connective tissue
- Lactic acid build-up
- Muscle tightness, restrictions, and trigger points
- Poor circulation
- Muscle fatigue
- Limited range of motion 



- Input Parameters: 5V==2A
- Rated Power: 16W
- Peak Power: 60W
- Dimensions: 75x38x130 mm/2.95”x1.5”x1.5”
- Weight: approx. 390g/0.86Ibs


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