Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance

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Drawing on the latest climbing research, this third edition of the international best-selling Training for Climbing presents a comprehensive, evidence-based program for improving climbing performance. With the unique perspective of a veteran climber, researcher, and coach, Eric Hörst blends leading edge sport science with his decades of climbing and coaching experience to create a content-rich text packed with practical how-to and what-to-do information.
A few of the new topics explored include:
• Energy system training to develop greater strength, power-endurance, and aerobic endurance.
• Recalibrating the brain’s central governor for higher power output and stamina.
• Daily Undulating Periodization as an effective method of on-season programming.
• “Training zones” for rock climbers―the secret to truly effective training!
• Stabilizer training to improve arm power and reduce risk of shoulder injury.