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Brendan Brazier

Whole Foods to Thrive


What impact do food choices have on your health?  Have you ever been curious as to where your food came from, who grew it, and the path it took to get to your table?  Have you ever wondered how much of each natural resource was used to produce your food - in other words, the soil-to-table environmental cost?  In Whole Foods to Thrive, Brendan Brazier clearly explains how nutrient-dense, plant-based foods are the best choice - not only for your health, but also for the health and sustainability of the planet. 

Versatile and packed with flavour, whole foods have an abundance of health benefits for those who want sustainable energy, high-quality sleep, physical strength, and mental sharpness.  Whole Foods to Thrive builds upon Brendan's stress-busting, energy-boosting approach to nutrition and food introduced in his acclaimed bestseller The Thrive Diet, and includes 200 delicious, easy-to-make, plant-based recipes that are all allergen-free and contain no wheat, yeast, gluten, soy, dairy, or corn.  It features recipes such as:

  • Gorilla Food Green Tacos
  • Quinoa Falafels
  • Indian-Spiced Lentil Hemp Burgers
  • Maple Crispy Rice Treats