Yoga for Climbers : How to Stretch, Strengthen and Climb Higher

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About the book

Yoga for Climbers will show you how to create a yoga practice at home that will keep you healthy, prevent injuries, and support and improve your outdoor passions. Features easy-to-understand yoga poses and sequences designed to address the specific stresses that climbing enact on the body.

Through a simple and accessible approach to physical poses and breathing practices, climbers learn ways to strengthen their core, stabilize their joints, and gain overall balance. All of these conditions are key for comfortable climbing-whether you are sport climbing at an elite level, roping up as part of a ridgeline traverse, or simply want to get out and boulder for a few quick hours each weekend. The practices detailed in Yoga for Climbers are designed to help athletes of all levels better connect to their bodies and, through attention to breath, feel more at ease in our sports, no matter how challenging the route. On your mats, you'll learn to release stress and anxiety and experience a deeper sense of calm, peace, and wonder that will translate to the rock.

Guide features:
- Detailed overviews of the areas of the body most impacted by climbing
- Injuries common to climbing that yoga can address
- Basics of a yoga practice, including the physical and mental benefits, and how it can enhance time on rock
- Foundational techniques for creating a yoga practice, including the fundamentals of meditation
- Several sequences for a home practice, designed specifically for climbers
- Interviews with climbers who use yoga to support their physical strength and hone their mental focus-from professionals, such as Steph Davis and Buzz Burrell, to average weekend-warriors

By Nicole Tsong