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We experience different moments throughout our lives. Some of them hopeful and glorious, others disappointing and painful. The book shows you some of those moments, whether significant milestones or glimpses of ordinary life. Those brief flashes, no matter how insignificant they may seem, are essential for Adam Ondra. You can enjoy just studying each on its own, but put them together, and you will get a completely new picture, which is hiding more than it might have seemed. Hopefully, once you read through the book, you will better understand who is AO and how much climbing truly means for him.

Follow Adam Ondra through his journey around the world whether it's setting new groundbreaking hard climbs or on different World Cup. See and read how he deals with comfort zone in climbing, how people he surrounds himself with are shaping his personality and what his ambitions in climbing are.

This book covers roughly 2 years of AO's life through Bernardo Giménez's and Lukáš Bíba's lens.