Alpha Sport Carabiner

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The Alpha Sport is a highly ergonomic carabiner that gives easy and intuitive handling. Grooves in the spine add extra grip when stretching for a crucial clip. A solid gate is easier to handle when pumped, increasing your chance of clipping the bolt. The curved gate guides ropes into the carabiner, where the Alpha’s deep rope baskets seat them securely.

More metal in areas of high wear help resist the wear and tear of modern sport climbing. Bolt hangers can damage carabiners, and strengthening the Alpha's contact areas helps reduce this.

A keylock nose creates a clean internal profile that resists snagging, and reduces the chance of the carabiner hanging up on bolts. The clean nose also makes stripping a steep route easier, something you'll be thankful for at the end of a tough redpoint session.

Ergonomic, strong, and secure, the Alpha Sport Strait is the ideal carabiner at the bolt end of a sport quickdraw. The Alpha Sport Bent is ideal for the rope end of a sport quickdraw.

Sport carabiner for easy clipping and durability
Sport carabiners are designed to make clipping easy, and to withstand the demands of sport climbing. Hot forging moves extra metal to areas of high wear, making these biners suitable for clipping bolts and repeated falls.

Solid straight gate for positive handling
Solid gates are robust, and give positive handling. Grooves in the gate give extra grip, increasing control when making tricky clips. Solid gate carabiners are suited to sport climbing, where confident handling and wear resistance are more important than weight.
Bent gate for easy clipping
Bent gates are designed specifically for the rope end of a quickdraw, and help guide the rope into the carabiner during clipping. Grooves in the gate improve handling and increase control when making tricky clips. Solid gate carabiners are suited to sport climbing, where ease of handling and resistance to wear are more important than low weight.

Keylock nose eliminates snagging
The carabiner’s nose slots into a groove in the gate, giving full strength without a gate notch. This creates a clean internal profile to prevent snagging on gear, bolts or slings, for easier clipping and stripping of routes.

Ergonomic back design for positive handling and easy clipping
The Alpha’s ergonomic spine and grippy grooves give confident handling, and combine with deep rope baskets for easy clipping.

I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio
Using I-Beam construction techniques lets us make carabiners lighter without compromising their strength. This is achieved through hot forging, which allows us to move metal into complex shapes.
  • Dimensions: 61 x 102mm
  • Weight: 46g
  • Major axis stength: 24kN
  • Minor axis strength: 8kN
  • Strength gate open: 9kN
  • Gate opening: Straight gate: 22mm; Bent gate: 25mm
  • Certification: EN 12275:2013 B, UIAA121:2009