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So much information is available for dealing with injuries, oftentimes with conflicting views. How can you figure out what techniques and methods have actually been shown to be helpful? Based on the most current peer-reviewed studies, Beyond Tape provides you with the answers in a simple, easy-to-use form with no expensive equipment required. This comprehensive guide to climbing injury prevention and treatment of all areas of the body gives you not only the "whats" and "hows", but also the "whys". Our bodies have the natural ability to heal themselves. The key is to find and then remove the blockages to the healing process.

This evidence-informed guide includes nearly 300 peer-reviewed references for:
- Detailed prevention and treatment techniques for the most common, and many not-so-common, climbing injuries.
- Simple easy-to-use techniques from the neck to the toes with no expensive or fancy equipment required.
- Traditional and controversial techniques and methods geared towards the climber looking for a holistic and comprehensive approach to keeping you on the rock and off the couch!