Denver Climbing Guide

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About the book

The Denver Climbing Guide is a remarkable, first-of-its-kind guidebook that will inspire climbers to check out areas they may never have visited. Distilling route information in a symbol-based format allows the book to take up very little room in your backpack. This is our second book (behind Leavenworth Bouldering) to use QR codes linked to Google maps. Need to find the parking? Scan the QR code and it opens Google maps on your phone. Ditto for landmark routes. There's never been a guide quite like this one. 

Areas covered:

  • Clear Creek
  • North Table Mountain (up-to-date and covering many unpublished lines)
  • Coal Creek Canyon (includes Golden Gate Canyon State Park and The Scoop)
  • Castlewood Canyon (the first-ever modern color guide to this fantastic winter area)

Authored by Tod Anderson, one of the most active route developer in the Front Rangem, and Thomas Hanson.

        By Tod Anderson & Thomas Hanson