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Turn your Lattice Lifting Pin into a wrist trainer with the Pin Grip. Simply add your weights to a 1 inch lifting pin and secure them in place with the Pin Grip. Combine with the Fractional Weight Plates for a leveraged load on an ergonomic bar. This is perfect for progressive wrist rotation and deviation training/rehab.
Wrist training is commonly used:

  • To increase strength in the wrist rotation and deviation muscles and improve stability whilst climbing. This typically decreases the amount of friction required to maintain contact with less positive holds and surfaces.
  • Rehabilitation of wrist injuries: targets the affected area with a progressive load. (More convenient than a rack of dumbbells)
  • Rehabilitation of golfers/tennis elbow (tendonitis in the elbow), a common issue for climbers.
  • Max Load when used with a Lattice Lifting Pin: 20Kg
  • Size: 1 inch/25mm
  • Weight: 0.06kg
  • Content: 1 inch clamp