The Gunks

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About the book

The notorious steep faces of the Gunks have been the setting for many an adventure over the decades.  The sparkling conglomerate cliffs overhang sharply, but the holds are everywhere and large.  This makes for an incredible range of routes, from easy jug hauls to difficult test pieces. Perhaps it is one of the only areas anywhere that you can cruise up a 5.4 right next to a hardman tackling a 5.12. And with The Gunks, you can be assured of the ultimate adventure for yourself. With bomber information presented in an intuitive fashion, this book maximizes your climb time and minimizes confusion all around.


    • Color-coded chapter keys
    • Route Topos with corresponding photos
    • Detailed Rappel Diagrams
    • 224 full color pages
    • Sewn binding
    • Tear-out route cards that you can bring up the route (no more lugging the book up the cliff with you)