Vertical Mind : Psychological Approaches to Optimal Rock Climbing

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About the book

The rock climber's textbook to the psychological approach for optimal rock climbing. Climb better and have more fun. 

McGrath & Elison teach how the latest research in brain science and psychology can help you retrain your mind and body for higher levels of rock climbing performance, while also demonstrating how to train and overcome fears and anxiety that hold you back. Finally, they teach climbing partners how to engage in co-creative coaching and help each other improve as climbers.

With numerous and practical step-by-step drills and exercises, in a simple to follow training framework, your path to harder climbing has never been clearer. If you are a climber who wants to climb harder and have more fun climbing, then Vertical Mind is required reading. Well, what’s stopping you? Pick it up and get training today!

        By Don McGrath & Jeff Elison